How to Prepare Your House Interior for Painting

When you intend to paint your house interior, you need to prepare it. Paint will splatter and drip everywhere. You also don’t want to paint the trims and ceiling and fixtures. So, before you paint there are a few things that you need to do. Follow these tips to ensure that you don’t destroy the furniture and carpets in your home.

Clean the walls before painting – If you paint on dirty walls, the paint may not take as well. Before painting, give the walls a nice wipe down to ensure that any dirt is gone. This will help the paint take better and look better.

Use plastic covering – If you are painting your house while there is already furniture and carpets, you need to protect those things. Use plastic sails for the carpets and plastic coverings to throw over furniture. Fabric covering won’t work as well as it will let the paint soak through and potentially damage your furniture. Plastic is the best option. If you are painting ceilings, you should definitely make use of plastic covering.

Use primer on the walls – If the paint you are going to use does not already contain a primer, you need to prep the walls by applying a primer before you paint. The primer is like a conditioner for the walls and will help the paint take better and look better.

Tape trims and other features – If you don’t want trims, ceilings, wall sockets, etc. the same colour as the walls, use tape to protect them. A tape with adhesive that won’t tear away the paint is a good option. Your local hardware store can give you some good pointers on that. The tape will allow you to paint without leaving blobs and marks on areas you don’t want it. After you’re done painting, simply remove the tape and you will have a clean finish.

That’s basically it, If everything is protected and taped, you can start painting without worrying about damaging or staining anything.

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