Helpful Links

Ashoo has searched the web for helpful articles and videos to add to our library of helpful advice and tips. We change these links every few months. Our focus at the moment is on house painting, both interior and exterior. Have a look at what some other DIY and painting experts have to share.

10 Interior House Painting Tips and Painting Techniques for the Perfect Paint Job

This handyman has some great tips to share on avoiding paint build-up and protecting trims. We are sure you will be able to use his advice.

47 Tips and Tricks To Ensure a Perfect Paint Job

If you are looking for the best tips and tricks on saving paint, reaching difficult places, reducing cleanup, etc. then this article is for you. It offers a whole lot of tips and tricks that you can do at home with things you already have.

House Painting Ideas on Pinterest

Find a whole lot of pictures on tips, techniques, and ideas at this hub on Pinterest. Look at the things that DIYers and professional share to help you approach your project better prepared.

Painting Tips and Tricks

If you like to watch a video rather than read, this is for you. This video is a tutorial and offers great tips and tricks by a professional painter.

How to Properly Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Tips for painting the outside of your house without any trouble. It can be a hefty undertaking, but with these tips, you’ll find it a lot less difficult.

Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques

This is another article that offers advice non painting the outside of your house. Combined with the previous link, you should be very well-prepared for your exterior painting project.